The Centrality of Translation to the Humanities: New Interdisciplinary Scholarship

Project Directors: Elizabeth Lowe (Professor and Founding Director, Center for Translation Studies; Retired) and Chris Higgins (Associate Professor of Education Policy, Organization & Leadership)

Grant Program: Institutes for College and University Teachers

Year: 2011

"Our Institute considers translation as a scholarly craft and a cultural dynamic, examining its historical, philosophical, political, and poetic dimensions through an introduction to translation studies and four case studies. In the first case, we explore the role of translation in the rise of a 20th-century inter-American literature, focusing on the figures of Gabriel García-Márquez and Jorge Luis Borges. The Bible is the focus of the second case. Here we examine both the King James translation and contemporary efforts to uncover the authorial voices of the Hebrew Bible. In the third case, we look at the way translation has shaped the reception of Sigmund Freud, considering a new translation aiming to recapture the literary-humanistic dimension of Freud’s work. Finally, we turn to the poet Rainer Rilke, examining the interplay of reading, interpretation, and translation at the level of the poetic line."

Chris Higgins

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An Interview with NEH Grant-Recipient Chris Higgins

The Past Five Years